Electric and plug-in hybrid cars are called climate cars because they have no tailpipe emissions (in the case of plug-ins, that applies when driving on the electric charge only).

All-electric cars produce fewer emissions per miles of driving. However, in locations where electricity generation relies on fossil fuels, recharging electric cars can be more emissions-intensive than conventional gas-powered cars. Thirteen States in the USA rely on fossil fuels for electric generation, and in those states using electric cars will probably be more emission-intensive.

In Europe, stricter CO2 emission regulations favor electric vehicle production. European car manufacturers are slowly but surely electrifying. In Germany during March 2021, every fifth passenger car manufactured was a plug-in.

Michigan's mobility ecosystem mobility and talented workforce are making a difference now with mobility grants to car companies, and they are helping shape the future of autonomous vehicles. In 2020, Michigan launched its Office of Future Mobility and Electrification to shape the self-driving ecosystem and promote job creation.

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